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We are so excited to be offering our exclusive pop-up series, “Santa.”

This year’s “Christmas Corner” will also be available for family/kid photos without Santa in the late afternoon and evening.

​This year’s dates and times will be:

  • Traditional Santa: Saturday, November 23 from 10am-2pm

  • Without Santa:     Sunday, November 23 from 3pm-7pm

Please use the Menu above to find Pricing Information, FAQ's, and the link to Book Your Appointment.



The Sitting Fee

The sitting fee is $49. This includes your opportunity to have a private audience with our exclusive, authentic Santa Claus at our studio in Nevada, IA. Santa will also email you before the session!


We provide milk & cookies, a goody bag for each family to take home, and a completely customized experience!


Santa will have his Official List prepared, and inside (assuming you send us this info when we request it :-)) he will have an info sheet with your child’s photo, fun facts about them, what they want for Christmas, etc. Santa also likes to read books with the children for a few photos. It’s a beautiful experience!


Your photographs will also be artfully retouched by lead photographer Paula, and she will meet with you at a separate appointment after the photos have been taken to review them together with you.

Please note: Your Sitting Fee does not include any prints, digital files, or other products. Portrait order packages start at $16. See below for all options and as always no minimum purchase required.

The Portraits


Most clients invest an average of $100-350 on their Santa experience. Some more, some less. However, we do not have a minimum purchase requirement, so if you don’t love your photos – you are not obligated to make a purchase. A return visit to the studio is required to view your images (approx 1 week following your Santa portrait session)


Please see below for detailed ordering options.


Rudolph Special Nine 5×7s and Nine Digital Images (a $397 value) $225

Elf Special Seven 5×7s and Seven Digital Images (a $308 value) $175


Santa Special Five 5×7s, Five 4×6s, and Five Digital Images (a $262 value) $145

A. Three 5×7s, Six 4×6s, and Three Digital Images (a $181 value) $95
B. Two 5×7s, Four 4×6s, and Two Digital Images (a $121 value) $79
C. Two 5×7s, Two 4×6s, and One Digital Image (a $70 value) $59
D. Two 5×7s, Four 4×6s (a $51 value) $45
E. Two 5×7s, Two 4×6s (1 pose) $35
F. Two 5×7s (1 pose) $19
G. Two 4×6s (1 pose) $16


Package Add-Ons
Digital Image Package Add-On $25
5×7 Package Add-On $9.50
4×6 Package Add-On $8.50
Four Wallets Package Add-On $7.50


Digital Images
One Printable Image $35
Two Printable Images $65
Three Printable Images $90
Four Printable Images $110
Five or more Printable Images $26 each

All the Printable Images from a session $350
*The purchase of digital images includes a “permission to print” release.

Photo Christmas Cards
20-49 PhotoCards $1.85 ea
50-99 PhotoCards $1.65 ea
100+ PhotoCards $1.45 ea


Book Your Appointment


Before booking, please review the Pricing and FAQ pages.


By booking your appointment, you are agreeing that you have reviewed the material on this website.


Saturday, November 23 - CLICK HERE

Toddler in Christmas Tree Farm

Looking for a Christmas Tree Farm Session?


We have a limited number of these sessions remaining.

Please contact for availability.



How does the process work?


Firstly, review the information on this website, including the Pricing, before booking. Then, head on over to the Book Your Appointment, and select with or without Santa and select your time. Then, once we receive your booking, we will be in touch with you directly to schedule your Order Appointment (which happens about 1 week after the photos have been taken).

How should I dress my child?


We are a big fan of classics & neutrals here! You can never go wrong with simple outfits. For my own kiddos, I always dress them in nice cotton long pajamas – either a solid, or simple pattern (nothing too busy) or a classic “fair isle” pattern (which you can Google if you’re not sure what that is — you’ll recognize it when you see it). Creams, neutrals, and warm browns and burgundies will look great with our sets — but we’ve also had people wear dark emeralds and navy and that looks great, too! Stay away from neon green or bright tomato red.

Can we get a family photo at the same appointment?


Yes! However that is only available after Santa leaves. Santa can only sit so many on his knee. These are perfect for those holiday cards.

What if my child cries?


This is a common fear that parents have. Rest assured, we will do everything we can to get beautiful portraits with Santa (or, if they don’t want anything to do with Santa, we try to get beautiful portraits of them by themselves). Sometimes, we embrace the crying for a few photos — and you’d be surprised how cute those turn out! Even so, if the sitting is a bust, you are not required to order any portraits if you don’t want to. 

How can I best prepare my child for the portraits?


A successful session takes a bit of prep work on your part. We recommend reading Santa books to your child, showing them past photos of themselves with Santa, and just hyping up the fact that they are going to meet Santa! If they’re old enough to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, tell them to start thinking of what they want to ask him for. If they want to write Santa a note, that’s wonderful and we can use that in the photos. If your child has a “lovie” that they are really attached to, (or perhaps would just like a stuffed animal to hold on to if they’re apprehensive) we encourage that you bring a lovie for them to hold during the photos.

Is there a minimum order?


Not at all. When we meet again for your portrait Order Appointment, we will go through the final images together, and there is no obligation to spend a certain amount. Only order what you love!

Is there an extra charge for more than 1 child?


Not at all. However, please keep in mind that our sets are only so big, so please refrain from inviting cousins, friends, etc to your session — keep it to your kids only, please, unless it’s a very small group (think 2-3 children).

Can I order online?


No. Online ordering is not available. All orders must be placed in person at the studio during your Order Appointment so we can best serve you. Trust me, after being a photographer for over a decade — it’s easiest this way!