Stop treating your face as a placeholder.

How much more successful could you be if you understood the value of your digital first impression and stopped treating your face as a placeholder?

In today's world, a picture isn't just worth a thousand words, it can now be worth thousands of dollars.

We've all been there, setting up a new account on any social media network, and it asks you to upload a profile picture. You panic for a moment, scramble through your files and come up with a picture that you think you look reasonably good in.

It might be a professional picture, or it might be your head cropped out of a family picture from your cousins wedding. Maybe the professional shot has an awkward fake smile, or your wedding cropped shot has Uncle Steve's shoulder in it, but meh, its just a profile picture right?

The bigger problem here isn't necessarily with the quality of the picture, as much as it is the lack of purpose. This is treating your digital first impression as an after-thought and thinking of your face as a placeholder.

What if we changed our mindset? What if we looked upon our headshot as a first impression machine that could improve the quality of our interactions and ultimately our opportunities?

What if instead of buying that new suit for a job interview you bought a new headshot that got you twice as many interviews?

What if you're in sales and your online profile picture looks like someone I want to work with, how much more successful could you be? Like it or not, humans are visual creatures and the first image they see of you is going to shape your future in that relationship.

That's assuming it even has a future after they look you up.

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